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Purchase plugins and compatibility with DMS

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Hi, is there any possibility to buy the plugs to PageLines Framework? What about the old and the new WordPress plugins? Are you wanting to work still with him will be "left to" ...? (eg slicky slider does not work)

Is there also a chance to adapt to the new plug-in framework? Super plug - Scroll Nav - please do it in the framework!

Am I really the only person who wants to work with PageLines Framework? I consider him the best ever.

Greetings to the community PageLines. If there is anyone who would like to also work on the framework, sign it up .. ;-)))

Best wishes. Kedark

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Unfortunately, most of the store developers are only supporting their products for DMS. If you would like to some DMS extensions for PageLines Framework, you will need to contact the developers personally.


You can find most of them on our resource list here -

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Hello, thank you for your reply,

However, I have a question, what do I do if you have been used the framework, I have purchased most of the plugins and section, and now I have to buy it again? I would try to DMS in the basic version, but I can not install any of the "old" bought plugin or section, and after logging in to your account only have the opportunity to purchase them. Do I now have to buy them again?

How to install sections as drag and drop does not work. Working with you for a few years everything was great, and now with the introduction of a new product, however, a lot has changed.


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You do not need to purchase again. You can downlaod all your existing Framework purchases and content by logging into 


When you say drag & Drop does not work - what do you mean? There are no issues with Drag & Drop functionality. Nothing has changed 

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