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Remove render-blocking JavaScript in W3 Total Cache

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I'm not sure that's such a hot idea given that DMS has been optimized already to minimize the load javascript and jQuery have on it.  The DMS Pro Tools plugin does a good job reducing the load time, which is the only reason why you'd want to consolidate javascripting. 


The best solution for speeding it up isn't to combine it, which that Google link is speaking about in the context of old HTML code, but to use something like MaxCDN.com.


Merging the scripts will likely cause a crash, and doesn't factor in the issue that the components of your site are looking for specific links that provide the code they need to function.  With any CDN, the links remain the same, but the code is held in a cloud, so that it remains accessible as needed, but doesn't add any significant load to the server.

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