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is it possible to use 'Multiple content blocks' plugin?

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I use Multiple content blocks plugin on other sites and would like to use on a site I'm designing w/ Pagelines. I'm not sure I want to have clients use the DMS Visual editor, 

too easy to mess things up. I've got the page designed w/ 3 sections, each w/ a 2 column layout. Would like to add content loop section to one side of each column (so, 3 seperate content loops per page).  

Maybe my question is (if I can use the plugin) how do I modify/create a new page template so that I can add the shortcode to the new page template? 






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Well, to go with the last question first, you'd add a TextBox and place the shortcode there.


However, I understand it's possible to limit what users are able to do in DMS on the front end.  That said, if I'm correct, the better solution would be to use Responsive Grid. http://docs.pagelines.com/tutorials/responsive-grid


Depending on what you want these content blocks to do, it's likely you could use the grid (or for 3 columns, just the 3 Column Section).

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well, adding to a text box doesn't work. well, it tries to work, but breaks...the editor box that should appear doesn't, only the header. and I added two text boxes and only one broken instance shows up. and then when i come back to that page, it's gone. 


also, it isn't shortcode (my bad), it's actual php (<?php the_block('services-content3'); ?>   ), is that a problem in a text box?

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You can add as many textbox sections to your page/template as you like there is no restriction. If you encounter an issue with the TextBox section, then this issue is likely caused by a plugin, custom code or script and/or your server configuration.

Also, you can not use PHP code in a TextBox. If you want to use PHP code on the front end of your site (Not sure why) then you will need to use a PHP widget plugin.

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