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Hero nav stuck in mobile mode

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Hey there radroz,


I took a look at your site there.  The problem is that none of the sections styles are present in your compiled css.


You probably need to flush your caches.  Try doing this under "Global Settings > Resets > Flush Caches".


If that doesn't work, try disabling hero nav, refreshing your site, and then re-enabling it and refreshing again.


In trying to reproduce your issue, I was able to get the same result somehow, but the issue is rooted in DMS not loading the styles or caches that won't flush.


Could be a 1.1.1 bug.


Try those things and let me know if that helps!




It was in fact a bug with Hero Nav 1.2.1.  I am deploying version 1.2.2 right now as a fix!

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I was trying those all night. No Flushed the caches a few times. Same problem. No change with 1.2.2

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Okay, an update. I deactivated all plugins except Hero. Cleared the cache.


Now it shows correctly, but ONLY when logged out. When I'm in the DMS editor, it still shows as a mobile menu. 

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Glad to hear you're at least OK now on the live side.  However, this isn't something I have been able to replicate myself.


Draft mode and live mode do use separate sources for styles, but flushing the cache under Resets should definitely clear those out.


When you say mobile menu, is it the same thing you were seeing in 1.2.1? or the styled menu, just stuck in mobile resolution?

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The singe button with the three horizontal bars. Yes.

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Sorry to hear you're still having trouble.  Seeing as I cannot reproduce this locally, would you be willing to give me a login to your site for me to see this firsthand?  If so, simply PM me the login and I will check it as soon as I can.


I must let you know that I am currently incredibly busy at the moment (in the process of moving), so I may not be able to look at it until later tomorrow sometime.


Just curious - do you have WP debug on?  Any visible php errors/notices and/or JS errors in the console?

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Okay, I'll get that to you asap. I'm about to turn in since I can sleep knowing that I'm not going to get an angry phone call in the morning. 

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