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Move Site from subdir to Root, DMS stuff disappears

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Just finished a site and was moving it for Client from the development directory to the root directory. First used CPANEL to make a backup of the development directory, then changed the General Settings in WP Dashboard to root URL instead of development url and directory.


Now all the fancy DMS stuff doesn't show up - only the regular Wordpress Pages content created in WP-loop section. All DMS sections don't show with proper formatting. The content seems to be there but not visible, and DMS Editor in Chrome just spins and spins...


Very discouraging as we were going LIVE tonight!!!


How do ya move a DMS site developed in a subdirectory up to the root and have it show?


I can restore my backup back to the development folder but still screwed up now, as if DMS is corrupted.




Upon looking at the HTML code, I see a couple places where an image included in a section is referenced with http://http://" repeated double like that before the img source filename.


How did the database get screwed up (with I had backed THAT up ALSO before this migration!!!) if that's what's wrong?


How to proceed? Fresh install of DMS? but how preserve the site???






= addendum =

reviewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJpkJOpUxNY  before the migration. Then used "Velvet Blues Update URLs".  Did that screwup the database and did that change the db?

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It sounds like your issue is related to how you have moved your site and not related to DMS, especially if you have some URLs with http://http:// this will cause all sorts of problems.

For assistance with moving your site correctly, you will want to look at this Wordpress codex article - http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

Please search our forums, before posting!

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