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What about the support?

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Sorry but.. how many time it take for have someone that contact me for fix some problem with your PlatformPro??? I send a private email to the support and no one reply me. I buyed some plugin and some of this is in conflict with Platform PRO and i can everytime call the plugin support of any plugin buyed for fix the problem or ask form give me money back.. try to fix the problem that this platform have with many premium plugin or value to give money back for the purchase, o give to me a more stable version.. or recommend me an ecommerce and member plugin that you are sure that work well with you PlatformPro, please.

"Se c'è una sola possibilità.. lo faccio, se non c'è.. la creo!"

Coach Stefano Ferruggiara, Allenatore Fisico & Mentale

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