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    • mtaus
      By mtaus
      I recently added the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin so I could track outbound links more easily. At the same time I manually removed the GA tracking code from the custom code field in Pagelines. I then turned off (WP Super Cache) and deleted the cache. However, despite having tried to remove the cache several times and testing in incognito, the custom code from Pagelines continues to generate. 
      Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?
      Website URL: blog.abodo.com Framework Version: 2.1 WordPress Version: 3.9.1  
    • almanada
      By almanada
      I'm using the most up to date pagelines Viewer theme.  I cannot get the "Quotes" full width slider to change colors.
      I have tried every thing I can with custom code but the Background remains black!
      Can someone help give me a walkthrough.
      I have tried all the custom code offered in other forums and even from inspector / dev tools. 
    • nfp1900
      By nfp1900
      I've been building a site without an issue but something weird has just started - I build a two column layout and add content (shortcodes/text etc) and save - the columns jump on refresh to a 12/12 with another column underneath and become unresponsive. I haven't added any plugins, not getting any LESS errors and never had this kind of issue before. 
      I'm also adding sections and then finding after a refresh that they simply disappear. 
      I disabled plugins and it was the same and then also stripped out all custom code, saved and it was the same problem. It's as though DMS has reached some kind of limit...
      This is a page that I rebuilt, added a two column section but after saving the textbox turns into a 12/12 column and can't be adjusted. It also doesn't format and the textbox sticks to the left of the page. What I can't understand is why this has just started...
    • balfred1345
      By balfred1345
      I was about to bring a site live, and made the mistake of updating the WordPress software, and DMS and the DMS Pro at about the same time, so I'm not sure if it is WP or DMS 1.1.1 or DMS Pro causing the problems.
      The site only works correctly when logged in, and it is not  saving correctly in sections and in the menu.
      I'm using WP 3.7.1. running DMS 1.1 with upgraded DMS Pro Plugin. I've disabled all plugins, which did not change anything. I've left the DMS Pro Plugin cache checkbox unchecked. I do not have a caching plugin. I've turned the plugins back on. I turned Debug on, and didn't see anything in the report. 
      I've scouted around forums, and haven't seen an answer that applies. I'm supposed to go live today, so would appreciate help asap.
      Please see the screenshots which show the site as it should look (these are I'm logged into the site.) And compare against the URLS that show the site broken when not logged in. 
      Example 1)
      How the site should look (iboxes drawing correct content when logged in):
      Page doesn't load ibox content when not logged in (scroll to bottom): http://whub34.webhostinghub.com/~videoh6/cidev2.com/concert-series/choral-arts-ensemble-season/
      Example 2) 
      How the slideshow should look (using the correct image, which is cropped):
      The Revslider is grabbing the wrong image when not logged in (using the uncropped version with a person who can't be shown):
      Example 3)
      How the slideshow should look (loading my images instead of PL placeholder images):
      The RevSlider is grabbing the PL placeholder images as you can see here: http://whub34.webhostinghub.com/~videoh6/cidev2.com/about-us/our-people/
      Also, when editing the site yesterday after updating, I had random issues with content and menu changes not saving. After I realized this, I began to be very careful to save (Publish) first, and the refresh the page. This is a sporadic problem. I thought I'd solved it by making sure i hit save twice, but I noticed one of my menu page changes did not save.
      I also had a problem with Custom Sidebars losing all the widgets on all Custom Sidebars. I know that Custom Sidebars is buggy, so I redid each of the Sidebars yesterday. But I have a feeling the issue of losing the widgets is linked with whatever is causing the above problem.
    • Rob Thomas
      By Rob Thomas+
      I haven't seen any detailed information on what the upgrade to 1.1.1 means. Perhaps it is somewhere, but it was not in any FAQ I received when I was upgrading. 
      Please be aware that the legacy Sidebars are no longer supported in 1.1.1.  I had put items in said sidebars and they were deleted upon upgrade to 1.1.1 It was easy enough to do a workaround by using the Custom Sidebar plugin and making my own plugins for the items that were deleted. 
      People like me who may have old plugins installed from sections from Framework take note: these old plugins can totally break your site. I had the old Profiles section installed (but as far as I know, it was no longer active as I wasn't using it): it borked my site and I was unable to even access the dashboard. I just went to FTP and deleted it (and any other legacy sections). 
      Hope this helps some people.