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Update to 1.1.1, Downgrade to 1.0.4 New Rev Slider & iBox Issues

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Website URL: http://www.earthpreservers.com/
Framework Version: DMS 1.0.4
WordPress Version: 3.7
Plugins in Use: 

- Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

- Category - RSS widget 

- DMS Professional Tools

- Google Language Translator

- Jetpack by WordPress.com

- Comment Moderation Notification ONLY to Post Author

- Social Polls by OpinionStage

- WordPress SEO

Server/Host: DreamHost
Screenshots: none

Following up on my original issue with updating to DMS 1.1.1, I then downgraded back to 1.0.4. (via ftp) which restored access to the DMS editing interface. Yay!


Since then I've not been able to update any image or slide text in an Rev Slider, or an image in an iBox. I choose an image - either by uploading a new one, or choosing an existing on from the Media Library and the little image doesn't change in the preview box. I can add links and new slide text, and that doesn't update either.


I've purged, and deactivated any caching plugins/options.


I'm assuming there's some little file somewhere that stores this information that needs updating, or deleting after the downgrad to DMS 1.0.4. I'm not sure where, or what to look for, and don't want to be randomly deleting files.


Any suggestions much appreciated.



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There was an issue in 1.0.4 where when you added an image via the Media Library option it wouldn't allow you to replace it or remove it. Therefore, I recommend you update to 1.1.1 and disable all active plugins and remove all custom scripts you may have added.

If you're still encountering issue with 1.1.1, then reply here and we can try to resolve them. We do not provide support to users who aren't using the latest version.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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