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Is there a fix for pagelines-legacy-sections?

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I updated to wordpress 3.7 and DMS 1.1 and disaster ensued.
After I removed plugins I tried re-installing earlier DMS.
So I can either keep my SOAP BOXES with legacy and not update DMS or I can get rid of 

pagelines-legacy-sections and upgrade.
Will there ever be a fix or should I just say goodbye to this section? 
I have tried better Iboxes like you recommend and it is not the same.
I am starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick that ball.
Any suggestions?

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Soapboxes will not be fixed to work in DMS.


The legacy sections plugin seems to be having some issues, but it's very easy to resolve.


Install a child theme and unzip the legacy-sections plugin.  Then, move the sections folder to the child theme or move selected subfolders to the child theme. The Soapboxes can be replicated with the two columns section in DMS. You can also use MediaBoxes or iBoxes.  There are now more ways to accomplish what Soapboxes did.


Many of the legacy sections work in DMS, but not all.  The ones that do, are generally converted and in the Add to Page area.

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