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Removing malicious content in wordpress editor.Please help

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Last year around christmas, my website was hacked and it has happened this year too. I have looked in the header.php file in wordpress editor and realised there are texts on there which compromise my website. Can you please let me know if it is ok to go ahead and delete that piece of code from the header file to get rid of the text? will that affect my pagelines updates and website in general. I am asking because on the editor page, there is a warning not to edit the files in the folder but I am not sure how else to remove the code since it seems to be from december last year


Please please help me. below is the code for my header


 * This file controls the HTML <head> and top graphical markup (including
 * Navigation) for each page in your theme. You can control what shows up where
 * using WordPress and PageLines PHP conditionals.
 * @package     PageLines Framework
 * @since       1.0
 * @link        http://www.pagelines.com/
 * @link        http://www.pagelines.com/tour
 * @author      PageLines   http://www.pagelines.com/
 * @copyright   Copyright (c) 2008-2012, PageLines  [email protected]
 * @internal    last revised January 23, 2012
 * @version     ...
 * @todo Define version

pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_before_html'); // Hook
?><!DOCTYPE html>
<html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
        pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_head'); // Hook

        wp_head(); // Hook (WordPress)

        pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_head_last'); // Hook ?>


echo pl_source_comment('Start >> HTML Body', 1); ?>
<body <?php body_class( pagelines_body_classes() ); ?>>
pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_before_site'); // Hook


else:  ?>
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    <div id="site" class="<?php echo pagelines_layout_mode();?>">
<?php pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_before_page'); // Hook ?>
    <div id="page" class="thepage">
        <?php pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_page'); // Hook ?>
        <div class="page-canvas">
            <?php pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_before_header');?>
            <header id="header" class="container-group">
                <div class="outline">
                    <?php pagelines_template_area('pagelines_header', 'header'); // Hook ?>
            <?php pagelines_register_hook('pagelines_before_main'); // Hook ?>
            <div id="page-main" class="container-group">
                <div id="dynamic-content" class="outline">



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First, I'd recommend removing any posts that don't belong, or contain the hacked content.


Next, I'd recommend a reinstall of WordPress.  Before you do that, make sure that you're keeping the wp-config.php file intact, along with the wp-content folder.


Make sure that you check your site for viruses. Use http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner/  to scan your site.


That will help you find any remaining hacks or viruses.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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