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Social Gallery/Latest Blog Entries Plugin and DMS issue

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I am using a plug-in I purchased from Pagelines called "Latest Blog
Entries" (LBE). I am also using a plug-in called Social Gallery (SG). SG
allows you to create a blog gallery where blogs can be accessed via a
facebook-like image gallery. Utilizing LBE as a blog gallery on one of my
DMS theme pages, SG is not able to access the image (as it normally does), and
instead takes me to the blog post. Apparently, there is some code issue
that is overwriting SG's settings. I have deactivated all my other plug-ins
(except the theme of course), but to no avail. Can you provide any
direction here? I have contacted the SG staff, but they have not been able
to solve the problem - they believe it is an issue with the DMS theme. Any

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More information would be needed to help... Ask them at SG what function it could be and how DMS could be interfering... 

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Thanks for touching base.  They are not sure about it - something is interferring with the access that SG needs.  You can check out the issue on my site:  almostoff.com - click on any of the "recent posts" and you'll see SG try to access an image without success.  A second click on the same thumbnail takes you to the blog post where the image can then be clicked and SG does it's job.

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