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pro pricing update broke my pricing!

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My pro pricing section got buggered up in the last update. I had each column set up with bullet points in the 'Sub Text' area of each column. It looked great.


Now, that text does not appear. Instead there is placeholder text that I cannot get rid of!


My brand new site just went live and this is KILLING me! This is the fees for my services and I look like a tool.


Please help someone!


the domain is http://www.box9design.ca

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same here, just waiting for reply.  this has happened with the update I think

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OK, just recreated this and have reported it on our tracker.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      Hi - is it possible to get the link URL to open in a new window? If so...how  please?
      many thanks
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      First of all... I'm a premium (paying) user but I the system doesn't seem the recognize me. So I wasn't able to open a topic in the other support topic.
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      But unfortunately, rather than it fitting, what you see on the screenshot happens.
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