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Slow Wordpress Admin (Back End)

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My Wordpress Admin and DMS page have been extremely slow lately, and loading these pages takes forever. Therefore, I just performed a speed optimizing test with the P3 Plugin Profiler, where I got some interesting results (see attached images).


The following results explains the slowness lately:

Total Load Time: over 50s

Site Load Time: 8s

Profile Overhead 41s (not sure what this is, but 41s can't be good)

Theme Load Time: 6,4s

Queries: 92


I know that optimizing images and css/javascript code, as well as using a cache plugin, will optimize site loading times, but I am wondering why the total load time and the theme load time are so high. Can anyone explain how I can improve this? FYI I'm using the Academy Theme by James Giroux, I have about 20 plugins (none of them should be the problem according to the performed speed test), and I've only posted a few posts. For me, the problem is mainly back end, where editing in the admin area and in DMS takes forever. Viewing the website front end seems to be OK.


My URL is: www.pastaevinoblog.com/wordpress


Hope that someone will be able to explain how to fix this.




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Hi vinofanten - Thanks for posting the debug info. Right away the fact that you have 42 plugins stands right out to me as a major drain on resources. I'd first suggest you try to bring that number down as much as possible. I would also suggest you reach out to your host and ask them to address the PHP Open basedir restriction. Let us know how you get on after that.

Have you searched the forums yet or checked out the DMS user docs?

PageLines geek, blogging at MyUntangledLife.com

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Jake, I'll try that first. Is it sufficient to just deactivate the plugins that I don't use, or do I have to delete them completely? I mean, will the website load deactivated plugins?

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James Giroux

Hey there!


Jake is right deactivating plugins will reduce the load time on your site.  Each plugin contains its own scripts, styles, etc.  When you have many of those running on a page, it loads all their information into your header before the page even loads.  That can cause a significant increase to how long it takes the page to render as it has to process all those style scripts and files first before loading up the page.  With my themes I optimize all images before including them but they are still big images in some cases just by virtue of their placement and needing to be big enough for multiple screen sizes.  Try reducing the number of plugins and go from there.



James Giroux, CEO

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Hi vinofanten - Opinions vary on disabling vs deleting but as a general rule what I do is disable plugins I may use again (like the wordPress importer, maintenance page or thumbnail regenerators, for example) but ones I'm pretty sure I won't be using on my site, I delete. In your case, I'd definitely at least start by disabling and if that solves your speed problem, perfect!

Have you searched the forums yet or checked out the DMS user docs?

PageLines geek, blogging at MyUntangledLife.com

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