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    • monkbait
      By monkbait
      Website URL: http://isaac.2acrestudios.com/about-us/who-is-isaac/
      Framework Version: 2.4.4
      WordPress Version: 3.6
      I cannot seem to find a way to set the background color for the Secondary Nav section.
      I can see that #secondnav section has a dynamic height value in the DOM. But, .texture, .content and .content-pad are somehow all set to 10px?
      If I hard set a height in CSS, it only works while the layout is full width. When I shrink the screen down to tablet or phone sized, the gap shows up again.
        In all the other sections (header, content, footer), the .texture block gets set to the same height as the section tag. Secondary Nav does not seem to do that?    
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      By wavel3ngth_pl_login
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