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How can I move the NavBar below the QuickSlider?

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I would like the NavBar to show below the QuickSlider, is it possible? is there a simple way to do this? I'm pretty new to WordPress.


My website is www.aracnerappel.com

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Hi Baldo,


To move the QuickSlider above your Navbar, you can do one of two things.


Goto Wordpress Admin Dashboard > PageLines > Drag and Drop and then drag and drop the QuickSlider above your Navbar or vice versa, drag and drop the Navbar below your QuickSlider.

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Hi Danny, thanks for your quick response.


I thought about this option of Drag & Drop but there is a problem: 


In the Drag & Drop Template Set Up, on the first step (1. Select Template Area) you click on the Header area and it shows the Active Sections and the Available / Disabled Sections. The NavBar appears here, but not the QuickSlider.


And when you click on the Page Templates on the Available / Disabled Sections the QuickSlider appears but not the NavBar.


Is there an option that I haven't seen or something?



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What you will need to do is create a child section based on the QuickSlider. To do this you will need to use a child theme.
1. Once you have installed the Base theme, download a fresh copy of PageLines Framework to your desktop.
2. Extract the zip and then goto the following folder pagelines/sections and locate the QuickSlider folder.
3. Locate the sections.php file and open it in a code editor and add the following line.
Workswith:main, templates, sidebar_wrap
4. Replace it with the following:
Workswith: header, main, templates, sidebar_wrap
5. Once you have made the changes, save the file.
3. Now load up your FTP client and navigate to: wp-content/themes/Your-Child-Theme/sections
4. Upload the QUickSlider folder to the sections folder in your child theme.
You now have a Child section based off the QuickSlider. If you now goto your site, make sure the Child theme is the active theme and you should be able to add the Quick Slider to your header area.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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