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Poppy downloaded but unavailable

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I've downloaded/installed/activated Poppy but do not have the option to use it either in WP Dashboard or in the DMS editor. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, logged out/in, refreshed my sections, and nothing. Any suggestions?





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Hi darmitage - You should find the Poppy options in the DMS visual editor - Global Options (see http://d.pr/i/QgYH). Once you've got it configured, you can simply add the shortcode to wherever you'd like to link the form like the following example:


[poppy type="a"]Contact me![/poppy]

Have you searched the forums yet or checked out the DMS user docs?

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Thanks very much, I was looking for it in the sections area since it's listed in the "Get More Sections" tab-- just didn't know to look for it in the Global Options.


Much appreciated!

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Great! :)

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