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Issues with Fixed NavBar

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j powers

While inspecting element I clicked on the photo that is suppose to be in the Nav bar that does not exist in my media library and it brings me to my 404 page, 



oddly enough the Fixed Nav bar works on that page,  image is gone and menu items all show up. Where is this image impacting all other pages ?

How do I clear this 

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@j powers


A 505 error is a server error, but that is related from what I can see to a Pinterest script.


Your Fixed NavBar image, has this been uploaded via upload button or added via the Media Library ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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j powers

Danny the image was added via media library originally. I removed from the fixed Nav and then when it wouldn't take it out I deleted the image from the media library. As you can see it keeping the file path but no image is there with that name.

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OK, just gone through our tracker and James has confirmed there seems to be an issue with the Fixed NavBar even in update 1.1.1.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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