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Making Site Mobile and Device Friendly

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Hi there!


I've build two website using the Pagelines framework and Ive had a really hard time making them mobile friendly...Maybe I'm missing something here (or just a novice!), but is there any way someone could take a look and give me some advice? 


the site that is most important is: 






: ) 


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DMS out of the box is mobile device friendly, meaning your design without customization will respond to your devices screen size.


However, you have added customization, such as using a TextBox to create your menu, this is where the majority of your issues come from. In order to create a responsive menu, you will need to use CSS to change its styling when viewed on mobile devices, you can do with @media queries.

If you're not unsure or not comfortable in using media queries, you can either replace your Menu with the NavBar or contact one of the developers from our resources page to assist you. As our support team do not provide extensive customization support.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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