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      By jeomiland+
      Was on the phone with client yesterday reviewing the site and the server slowed way down. Did a couple updates that may not have taken. Now cannot get back into the DMS editor for http://cassclayton.com/dev/  I can see the site in chrome and firefox but the background image is no longer there. Can get into dashboard in chrome and firefox. Cannot get into DMS editor in chrome - get "Oops, There may be an issue loading." error no matter how many times I try.  My internet connection is not the fastest, but I can access other sites I've built in DMS - just not http://cassclayton.com/dev/
      My question is,
      1) is there a safe way to reinstall DMS that will not trash the work done on the site? 
      2) Is there a way to see if something in the database got corrupted and how to fix? Since I can't get into DMS editor, can't get to the Flush Cache page to try that.
      Just turned on
      define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      I've tried to get WPTouch working on a new installation with PLFramework 5 and it's not working.
      I've tried both the latest version 3.8.8 (works on iBlogPro6) nd the beta (4.0 release candidate 3) but neither works.
      Basically, with PLFramework 5 active, none of the content appears on the page although it's "there" (I can see it in the HTML) when I firebug a page.
      I've tried with WPTouch Alternate Mobile Content - and just about everything else I can think of - but it's not working.