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    • thebastion
      By thebastion
      Hi I'm wondering if the Pagelines Developer Community has moved to DMS or if there is a DMS section now? Also do you have a link to the "Pagelines Developer Kit" as the current link does not work, only if this kit is DMS ready:
      I will check out the tutorials at some point next week but would like to maybe get involved.
    • Denis Ciumbargi
      By Denis Ciumbargi
    • Rob
    • Henry Perkins
      By Henry Perkins
      Hi there!

      A lot of us have been posting here for quite some time, and already do know each other (perhaps sometimes a little more than we'd like to ), but there are a lot of new faces lately and let's not have anyone feel left out! I'll start, since I'm still a newbie - according to Rob!

      My name is Henry, and I've been playing with WordPress for.. wow, since high school? That's nearly 7 years! I haven't done much on the development side of it, but I love the community - attending WordCamps & Meetups all over.

      When I'm not being a PressHead and working at PageLines, I enjoy traveling to new places, finding obscure art galleries, antique and local fashion trend shopping, listening to music (Currently Passion Pit) and pretending my boston terrier Napoleon is an actual child - yes, I'm one of those.

      Napoleon & Hometown:

      [size=5][b]Your turn! (Don't be shy!)[/b][/size]