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Lessons Learned

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Well I finally managed to convert one of my existing sites to DMS. And what a rocky road it has been. The first mistake I made was installing DMS on an already existing site with tons of plugins activated. In doing so caused multiple script errors which made my site inaccessible. I  had to removed DMS via FTP and start over.  I started this time by deactivating  every plugin and installing DMS again. Once installed I went to work adding sections and such until I had a descent homepage.  Made a template page and pumped out all the  basic templates. Still working on the game page templates but it should be a breeze.


Now on to the plugins:


WP Online store:   Problem-Caused font issues and padding problems also made the edit pencil not show on a couple sections  / also made Latest Blog Entries a full width section and could not be dragged into another column

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


Cute Slider: Cancelled out many sections like icallout and better boxes but could be used on pages with out these particular sections

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


ET shortcodes :  Did not work with DMS installed

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


ET Handheld:  Script error at the top of the page but was still accessable  in chrome but not in Firefox

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


BBpress:  Nothing but issues

Solution- Working on it (not giving up on this one)


Custom Log In page:  It worked but was no longer needed


WP Lightbox: Problem – the plugin quit working but the images were still there just not in a Lightbox

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


ET Anticipate:  Problem - Script error

Solution: Deactivate & Delete


Paypal Donate: Problem – instead of a button the shortcode  was visible

Solution- Deactivate & Delete


Contact form:  Problem – Only shortcode was visible

Solution- Deactivate & Delete (installed contact form 7 and it works)


NextScripts - Social Networks Auto-Poster:  Works fine


Social Slider by ARScode:  Works fine


Custom Widget Areas for WordPress:   Problem - Needs more testing  (while activate I had to hit publish 7 to 8 times in order to get the green light and some times it works on the first try)

Solution – Deactivated but I don’t think I need it anymore


Responsive Searchable 3 Level Accordion For Wordpress:  It worked ok as a widget it just look tacky inside DMS

Solution – Deactivate & Delete  (Looking for a DMS alternative)


Jetpack: Problem – Worked great until I started using better boxes and the image would  not load  from each box

Solution – Deactivate for now till I find a fix


After all that  head scratching  here is where I am at now  http://sabotagegaming.net/  not 100% yet I still have to redo every game page. Originally each page had its own background  image and content area color so this should be easy with DMS.


Some issues I ran into were the sections and widgets in sidebar  appearing to close together  in some case it was like they were on top of each other. While I am writing this it dawns on me that I could maybe create a style for padding ... so I will mess around with that later, but it would be  nice to have a padding option with in all sections and not just certain ones. 




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Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences Aires. 


Turning off the plugins, particularly any older ones is a best practice before installing DMS, or any framework, platform or theme. It's a good way to avoid conflicts.


Another good practice is to conduct a compatibility check with plugins from time to time to make sure things are all up to date. It's a safe way to keep your site up to date and conflict free.

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Hi Aires

Thanks for sharing

I take note


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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