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"Includes" on Several Pages

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mvhispano    0
Hi there,
I have a technical question that I need help with so based on your answer I can go and hire a developer to build a plugin/extension for me.
Here is my problem ... The way I currently structure my sites is with a lot of "includes".
So I have multiple pages that sell something on my site. Those pages for example include a "guarantee" or a "customer support policy feature box" that sometimes I want to change or test.
So if I have page-a, page-b, page-c ... they all include a php file, or html snippet called "guarantee" or "customer support"
If I change that "include" then it's changed on EVERY page where that was inserted.
I'd love to have this in pagelines. Is it possible to build it given your API architecture? How would you do it?
You are doing something like this for the header and footer... but I'll need that for elements inside the page.
If you can point me to the right direction I'll hire a dev to create the plugin.
Thanks so much!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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