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Rob Thomas

Sections and Content Disappearing

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Rob Thomas

I am having issues eerily similar to a previous thread:




I have replicated the problem with any sections, not just the sections I was working with and lost (iBox/TextBox). I don't have screen casts but I do have screen captures. 


This happened yesterday. The day before, I had an issue of text in Textboxes completely disappearing long after having been saved. That suddenly stopped happening, but now entire edited and long since built sections are deleting themselves. 


Just as the author in the other thread, this happens with two columns in a section. Doesn't matter what's placed in the columns. Eventually, these sections become "unmoored" from their columns (see screen caps) and cannot be placed back in, or, alternately, you somehow manage to place them back in and the one on the right hand side deletes itself after refresh. I've deactivated all plugins and it doesn't make a difference. The problem is still there. 


I activated this site a long time ago (I've had a Pro account since day one of the DMS launch), but this site does not show up in my account panel at Pagelines. 


This site was just transferred to a server on Flywheel. There is a low amount of Ram allocated to the site. The box in Pro Tools returns the following: Ram test Results: 129029Kb or approx 126Mb


This is half of what my cheap host allocated. I've asked them to increase the memory.


I started an account with Flywheel because of the recommendations from the good people here at Pagelines. I never had this issue until the account was migrated to Flywheel. I am not saying that is the reason (it seems odd to me that others would have DMS hosted sites on Flywheel and not have this problem—if some conflict with something the server is running would be to blame). I am just troubleshooting based off the Pagelines response to the previous thread. 


To make this sound even weirder, when this first happened, I logged out of Visual Editor and did a check of web pages after emptying the cache in Safari. I checked it in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It showed the iBox still there, but repeatedly when I went back into the Visual Editor, it would not show up. It is, of course, gone now because I had to rebuild the section (and, duh, it broke again) and that was when I figured out how to replicate the problem. 


-->Unfortunately, the forum is suddenly not allowing me to upload the screen caps (I will try to insert them in a reply to this)<--


Screen caps (note that the graphics looks poor due to decrease in file size to fit):

1) original sections before everything broke

2) the first time the iBox section (in the right column) disappeared (note the overlapping blue lines on the left)

3) replicating the problem after turning off all plugins (except UberMenu and Pro Tools)

4) Sections can no longer be put into their weirdly ghosted columns

5) everything is pretty much broken


Below is what Debug returns (minus my email)

WordPress Version : 3.6.1

Multisite Enabled : No

Current Role : Administrator

Framework Path : /www/wp-content/themes/dms

Framework URI : http://imagesoferoticism.com/wp-content/themes/dms

Framework Version : 1.0.4

Framework Build : 1.0.4

PHP Version : 5.4

PHP memory : 128

Mysql version : 5.5.32-0ubuntu0.12.04.1

PHP type : Fpm-fcgi

PHP User : Posix functions are disabled on this host!

OS : Linux

Licence OK : 

Plugins : 5

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Rob Thomas

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Firstly I am not able to recreate your issue at all, I designed a site for a family members company 4 months ago with DMS and the whole site uses two columns, the content in these columns has never been removed, stripped or deleted.


126MB is more than enough, do not be fooled by what your host was providing you. If they were providing more memory than that, thats cool. However, you can't base your host on how much memory they give you, especially if they were cheap. Flywheel are awesome, I wouldn't recommend them otherwise.


The images you have provided are not displaying. Also, for this kind of issue, images are useless to be honest. We are going to need a video of you demonstrating how you achieve the error. Then we can try and replicate it.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Rob Thomas

Thans for the reply. I am about to get into bed. And I am heavily medicated due to this viral infection going around sf (head cold from hell)


I built three other DMS sites last summer that are built the same way and use the same functionality as this site. In fact, this site was fine until I started fine tuning it this past week. And it's really bizarre what is happening. It's almost as if the installation is acting corrupted, as things like the refresh box for images in the iBox suddenly become inaccessible. It's very strange. 


I have been working with DMS since last Summer and have had no issues like this at all. 


If you want to to try to duplicate the same behavior on the account you have my permission to do so. How do I get you access to the account? 


I have posted images to the website and they are located at: http://imagesoferoticism.com/test-for-pagelines/


This problem was only happening on the front page of the website. As far as I know. I wasn't working on any other sections. 



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Weird indeed.


Would it be possible for you to use JIng and record the issue first hand and also email me your username and password for your site so I can take a closer look tomorrow.


danny at pagelines dot com

Please search our forums, before posting!

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