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Text Box Question

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I assume there is a pretty simple solution, but I would not know the code and there is no clickable type options on the text box (a wishful hope for future updates for all of us out there that do not code!)


How can I on the text box: (either Title or Text area)


  1. Change the font
  2. Boldface
  3. Italic
  4. Underline
  5. make the text larger than 30px
  6. Alter the background color to the text box other than trans

Also when I go in to make a change to the text, simply typing a change and then clicking refresh would not take. I would have to click outside the box and sometimes click refresh a couple times to get the change to actually take. Especially if I wanted to have that text change be <space>. Either way, txt or <space> it does not take simply on first entry. Sometimes it did, but not every time.


Off topic...Is there a way to "Search" the documentation that I am missing? 


Thank you





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Unfortunately, I can't see any of these options being added, as in adding these options it will make the section bloated. You will then probably get requests to add these kinds of options for all sections, which again will result in bloat. You can achieve all these using custom CSS. 


Regarding searching the docs, there is no search option for the docs on docs.pagelines.com. However, you can search the docs repo on GitHub.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi there!


I am not sure you are still looking for an answer to your question but I have solved that problem with a very simple fix:


write and format your text in WP editor and copy the HTML version that you find in the 'text' tab of the editor.

Then directly paste into the text box.


YOu can try with that


This is what you see in editor:


here is HOW you can customise text inside a text box


This is the HTML version you paste in the text box:


here is HOW <span style="text-decoration: underline;">you</span> can <strong>customise</strong> text <span style="color: #ff0000;">inside</span> a <em>text</em> box


If anyone has any additions, will be happy to learn ... i cannot add image this way


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