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    • Lisa Haran
      By Lisa Haran
      hi all.
      my test site is located @ http://iloveoffset.flywheelsites.com/
      I am using out of the mediaBox boxes and love them however when viewed on an apple ipad (768x1024) they look very cluttered.
      Every other version of  tablet up to Google Nexus 7 (603 x 966) it works great as it display the mobile version, so every ibox and mediabox is 100% width, one under the other.
      If I want the ipad to display how a mobile version does, how do I do this?
      I suppose a quicker way of asking my question above is "is there a way to force an ipad to display the mobile version of your site"
    • Mats
      By Mats
      I have a problem if you look at the website below it looks fine on a PC, laptop or a tablet. However when you use a phone the Quickslider animation appears too small. Is it possible to not show the Quickslider animation in the mobile version or replace it with another picture or animation? How do I do that? I have been looking into visibility, media queries and even viewport but can not find any answers to my problem.
    • amb62137
      By amb62137
      I am looking override media queries but can't seem to get them to work properly. I've added the following (with css styling):
      @media screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {

      But am unsure how to find out which style classes I need to add to make my site a 100% width on a mobile device. (Not mobile view)
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+