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Single Post Page (Image on Left Text/HTML on Right)

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How can I make my single post page have the Image on the left and text and html on the right? (Instead of image on top and text and html on bottom) http://theeargazm.com

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Please refrain from creating multiple topics regarding the same issue/question, it only leads to confusion amongst our support team.
I have locked this topic and replied to your other topic - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/30533-single-post-page-image-on-left-texthtml-on-right/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      Having a problem with an EVENT Post from Caledarize It. The Calendar page looks fine but when you go into the event itself the layout gets all messed.
      The Event calendar works fine and when you click on an event the page only works if you select only for "This event". The page needs to be for All events so they all look the same.
      Looks like conflicting code maybe?
      Events Calendar Page: https://tri-state-new-jeffgipson.c9users.io/events-calendar 
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      @Danny @Simon

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      I also want to change the default template for blog posts.
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      Hi there!
      I would like to display a full-with flipper section with the latest posts of every post_type. By default flipper shows "posts" and I can select between my other post types. But maybe there is a possibility to show entries of multible or all types of posts. 
      Do you have a hint for me?
      Thank you very much!
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      Dear Pageliners, the answer may be very obvious, but is it possible to display a single post in the WP Content/Loop section (or indeed through any other section)? I have a shortcode (to display "Chronos" timeline, a Wordpress port of a JS timeline) that I cannot get to work through the MediaBox. It displays perfectly in a post though. How can I display that specific post within a page? I looked through the documentation but could not find any guidance on Content/Loop at all. Thank you for bearing with me on such a basic matter. Yours faithfully, Jan.
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      I am wondering how I might be able to move different content around and add different elements to the post loop and sing post.

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      I also want to put the categories and comments down at the bottom of the post loop.

      Anyone have ideas on how to achieve this. It seems to me that loops would be the easiest way, I'm just not sure where to start.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.