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    • vogelwild
      By vogelwild
      Hi there!
      I would like to display a full-with flipper section with the latest posts of every post_type. By default flipper shows "posts" and I can select between my other post types. But maybe there is a possibility to show entries of multible or all types of posts. 
      Do you have a hint for me?
      Thank you very much!
    • caspersjan
      By caspersjan
      Dear Pageliners, the answer may be very obvious, but is it possible to display a single post in the WP Content/Loop section (or indeed through any other section)? I have a shortcode (to display "Chronos" timeline, a Wordpress port of a JS timeline) that I cannot get to work through the MediaBox. It displays perfectly in a post though. How can I display that specific post within a page? I looked through the documentation but could not find any guidance on Content/Loop at all. Thank you for bearing with me on such a basic matter. Yours faithfully, Jan.
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