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Drag and drop just showing icon instead of working the way it should

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I am having a weird problem today. When I drag an icon into my page, instead of working the way it is supposed to, it just puts the icon in there, which I can't do anything with. It is happening with both components and sections. How do I fix this problem?




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Can you provide a link to the site in question, as well as enable PL debug mode (DMS Toolbar > Global Options > Advanced)
Also, please provide screenshots of your issue.
It is most likely caused by a plugin, disabling all active plugins except DMS Pro tools may resolve your issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      Hi Team,
      I am looking to style the Continue Reading Button with the PHP you provided in an earlier ticket here: 
      I put the PHP code into my site, however I do not get my Icon back, I just get back Read More >>
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      Interested to know what I may be doing wrong? - I am very new to PHP so a bit apprehensive on this.
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      Should be a simple answer but not sure why its not doing this.  I have a child theme installed on pagelines 5 that has a hook so it will write over the theme css. Strange is that when I am on the frontend the code works but in the dashboard your theme takes over my code and its no where to be found. See examples attachments
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      I've attached a picture of the issue.
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      Hello Pagelines,
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