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Carousel - Using Hooks: pagelines_carousel_list

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I am trying to use the Carousel with pagelines hooks.

I downloaded "Hooker" but there is no pagelines_carousel_list hook to choose in the Hook Editor Settings.

How can I get the Carousel to work without using the other options, NextGen, Flickr etc.

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What is it you're trying to do ?


Can you provide more information please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I need to link the images in the carousel that link to their related PAGES.


I wanted to add the images from the nextgen gallery to the carousel and then link them to the pages that the images relate to, but apparently the nextgen gallery doesn't work. (Am getting "The plugin for the selected carousel mode needs to be activated") The NextGen plugin is activated. (If I can get this section to work, that will also do.)


There is no option to use "Page Thumbnails (pages)" only for posts.


So I thought the next best thing would be to hook them using the "Hook: pagelines_carousel_list" as such:


  1. [pl_carousel name="PageLinesCarousel"][pl_carouselimage first="yes" title="Slide 1" imageurl="" ]
  2. Here is the first slide and it's caption.
  3. [/pl_carouselimage]
  5. [pl_carouselimage title="Slide 2" imageurl=""]
  6. Here is the second slide, in all its glory.
  7. [/pl_carouselimage]


But there is no pagelines_carousel_list hook in the hook editor (Hooker).

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The old Framework's Carousel does not work well in DMS and NextGen has been having issues generally, with many 3rd party products.  I'd recommend you don't try to implement the Carousel in DMS.


There are many excellent options, such as http://www.pagelines.com/shop/sections/cool-carousel/


Many of the issues with NextGen can cause severe problems with your site and we'd like to prevent that if possible.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Sweet. Pity though. Here in South Africa the addons get expensive due to our poor exchange rate :(

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