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Changing Nav Bar Background to an image

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Hi guys,


I have a client that would like their main nav bar buttons to appear as though they were hanging off of a branch.


So far, I've got some graphics that don't look totally atrocious and here's the solution I've come up with, but am unsure how to execute:


1) How do I change the background of the nav bar to the graphic that I have created. I will save this graphic as an image and was thinking there's probably some way I could swap out the existing black box behind the nav bar for the image/graphic that I've created.

Anyone know how to do this?


2) Does anyone have a better idea?




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Replacing the Navbars background color isn't a big issue, all you will need to do is override the default CSS, you can use the code below to get you started.


#site .navbar {
background-image: url(path to image);


However, you may need to include some additional styling, especially for responsiveness. I recommend you read though our override default CSS documentation here -

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Hi Danny,


Thanks for the response. I will start with this code and see how it goes.

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Please let us know how it goes.

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