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Bugged Forums / No Reply from Support - Developer Membership

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Image above: How the forum was bugged and no reply from Simon..

Hi There,


Please see the image and advice accordingly.

I bought the developer member, and i went to register with the forum. 
And it blocked my IP / account with no valid reason. 
It blocked my whole office IP address, suddenly. I immediate contact the support, no reply after 1 week. 
Sent again another week, no reply . 

Nevertheless i went to use a VPN to create another account. 
I manage to login this time but unable to link to my developer account.

Man, this is disappointing

Image below display : Block my Ip address bizm.pngting...


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Firstly, Simon isn't a member of the support team, he is one of our developers. Therefore, emailing him, was the wrong thing to do. If you have an issue with your account, you should contact our helpdesk [email protected]


Have you followed the instructions that are given on the Technical Support (Personal, Professional and Developer) ?


By which, I mean logout of the forums, clear your browsers cache, cookies and history and then login here - http://www.pagelines.com/my-account


This should sync your accounts. However, if after doing this, your account still isn't sync'd, contact our helpdesk and they will be able to assist you.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Firstly, i didn't know who is in your team or who is in your developer. 
The only reason why i am able get his email is because i click "Contact the administrator " After my account was ban right after i created. 
If i email wrongly, he should kindly have reply to that it a wrong email and assist in forwarding the email to  '[email protected]' . How would i know if i am emailing the wrong person when nobody is replying? 

I tried what you suggested thrice before posting here. I clear my cookie , history, save password, temp file, cache basically i check everything in chrome when asking to clear cache, history.

I will email the [email protected] now 
Any suggestion on what should i sent to speed up the process? My account details ? Or ? 


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If you ever have any issue related to your account, you should contact our helpdesk. http://www.pagelines.com/contact/

I will get our Contact Administrator link on the forums changed.


Before, contacting our helpdesk, make sure that your email address on the forums is the same as the one used to purchase DMS. If they're different, its most likely the reason as to why your accounts haven't sync correctly.


if that still doesn't work, provide the following information on your email when contacting our helpdesk, this will assist our accounts/billing team:


Your username

Email Address you used to purchase DMS

Order Number.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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