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    • tristanrodgers
      By tristanrodgers
      Hey there!
      Here is my website: http://heybier.de
      I'd love to change the font of my salebar, can you tell me how to do that?
      Greetings from Germany,
    • Brian
      By Brian+
      Hey, does anyone know the code to make the PL Salebar inactive instead of it being open on the first page load?
    • dblsae
      By dblsae+
      I recently installed Salebar as I have done on previous websites with no issue.  I am running Wordpress 4.0 and everthing is updated, I have tried to check and uncheck the global site settings box and makes no difference.  Appreciate the help in advance.
    • GetMeWebDesign
      By GetMeWebDesign+
      I am sure I must have made a mistake, but wanted to add salebar so I could test a solution to someone's problem. Uploaded plugin.. and updated, but can not see it in DMS live Editor > Add to Page.  Am I being thick or isnt this compatible with DMS2 and hence not showing?
    • Alex S
      By Alex S
      Hi everyone,
      Quick question... what CSS would I implement to change the color of a Salebar button? 
      Thanks in advance!