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Rob Thomas

Instagrid reloads same pictures over and over

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Rob Thomas

I just purchased Instagrid and it reloads the same (however many you select) images over and over. So, say it takes the first 9 images of a tag, it will just load those same 9 images over and over again. 


Additionally, there is no option to load more images when you opt to show images based on a User. It only displays however many images you select for it. 


I am disappointed as there seems no way to simply load images from a user or hashtag and have it cycle through the images (as most Instagram/ Wordpress plugins function). Will this be something that is added or that can be added with code? 

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It is impossible to load more pictures by user due to limitations of the Instagram API.

It shows the newest pictures in a tag. If there is no new pictures added within each load, then it will show the same pictures.

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Rob Thomas

thanks for the quick reply. 


I am experimenting with other Instagram plug-ins and since I installed Instagrid, there seems to be a conflict. I deactivated it (but did not delete it). Tried installing Instagram Picture and I can set everything up, but it returns the following error:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare grid() (previously declared in /home/gestures/public_html/wp-content/themes/dms/includes/library.layouts.php:14) in/home/gestures/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instagram-picture/inc/grid.php on line 2898


any thoughts on this? thanks again for your help. 

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Rob Thomas
Thanks so much for your help!

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