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    • fritzfeger
      By fritzfeger
      Hi there, on the page http://agroblogger.de/regio/unternehmen/, there's the plugin Events Manager (from the Word Press PlugIn Directory) which lets you select any page as events list and, at the place where you insert the code, creates that list. Leaving your text and HTML above and below untouched. You can see the list (with only one entry) under the headline "Termine" in the middle of the page.
      There's a banners section below the content, and the banners now also display the events list, each of them.
      Can I suppress that somehow? I'd love to see the real banner text instead of what that shortcode produces.
      Thank you! 
    • patrman
      By patrman
      I would like to have images centered vertically for banner. The image should appear in the middle of the text. I would like to do it for this site - http://www.janpatrman.cz/smazat-reference/ or see the attachement.
      Is there a way I could do that?
      Thank you. Jan
    • angiek
      By angiek
      I am using several banners and boxes for a client to design a catalogue of information for her clients. This was working beautiful until we added the seventh book into the list now all the books are clustering in the far right column. I've gone through to make sure there are no "ghost" boxes or weird coding in my page. Nothing has changed. Why is this happening? How do I fix it?
      Here is the page it's happening on so you can see what I'm talking about: http://soulshack.biz/soul-recommendations/
    • Erwan
      By Erwan

      Do you plan to make these PageLines Framework sections available in DMS packaged via a sort of "PageLines Legacy Sections" free plugin or separately?

      Best regards.
    • nambi