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how to sort banners?

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Can you go into more detail please, as I am not quite sure what you're referring to.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Banners in the pagelines framework,  How do I choose the order they appear in on my page.   

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Hi tirsbak - I think there was some confusion as you had posted in the DMS forum, so I've moved this topic into Framework instead.


The easiest way to manage the order of banners is with a plugin. This is my favorite http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ and I've used it in Framework many times.

Have you searched the forums yet or checked out the DMS user docs?

PageLines geek, blogging at MyUntangledLife.com

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      Hi there, on the page http://agroblogger.de/regio/unternehmen/, there's the plugin Events Manager (from the Word Press PlugIn Directory) which lets you select any page as events list and, at the place where you insert the code, creates that list. Leaving your text and HTML above and below untouched. You can see the list (with only one entry) under the headline "Termine" in the middle of the page.
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      Do you plan to make these PageLines Framework sections available in DMS packaged via a sort of "PageLines Legacy Sections" free plugin or separately?

      Best regards.
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      How do i remove the default page templates. i have a child theme but the default templates still show up. I want to hide them from the "add page" section. The other one is default boxes and banners, how can i remove them? Am, open to editing the database but there seems to be some stupid loop/bug? which keeps bringing it back. 
      Both these seem to be very irritatingly imposed upon the users.