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    • Le Chef Est Une Femme
      By Le Chef Est Une Femme+
      Hey everyone
      I am very sorry if this question has a "deja vu"  taste but I have been looking for more than 2 hours a way to add a phone number in the top right corner of my header website.
      Before asking that, I have read many of the questions related to that subject, from hooks and action map to function.php and hooker plugin but I am very lost. Plus many links kindly given by some of you are now 404 pages
      Is there anyone willing to help me find the easiest way to add this number please ? 
      In advance, thank you 
    • kellid
      By kellid
      I'm in a dramatic situation.  I have a live site that is totally screwed up and I'm in desperate need to fix it asap.  The site was originally build with Pagelines but have made several upgrades through the years.  With the latest WP upgrade, somehow the action loop I was using on my homepage came through dramatically wrong and not sure how to fix the problem.  I have the Hooker plugin and in need of finding the action map to figure out where to implement the loop and fix the problem.  I found the action map plugin stored on an old hardrive but when activated, I got an error so I quickly deleted it.  I can't find a download or instructions on this anywhere, only broken links and no documentation.   
      Can you please direct me to the action map to use the hooker that I already have or show me the documentation to use this product?  
      Thank you
    • redsoxFan2499
      By redsoxFan2499
      Hello everyone.
      I am a WordPress developer/designer and I am brand new to PageLines and I have been reading the documentation and one part talks about the Action Map plugin which would be very helpful to someone like me that is Brand New to Pageslines. The problem is I am looking in the Products Store and I do not see a Plugin called Action Map. Where can I find this plugin. I assume that I am just missing it since it is actually documented in the PageLines documentation. 
    • jdlhorizons
      By jdlhorizons
      I need to add two buttons (login and search) to the right of my logo and over the icons.
      It seems like business branding could work for me, but because I had issues with DMS, I am using Pagelines Framework.
      Can someone verify that Business Branding will work for Pagelines Framework before I purchase it?
      Many thanks!!!
    • Rob
      By Rob
      Everyone's been waiting for it, and now it's fixed:
      Say thanks to Simon.
      Please don't ask about others plugins and sections.  They're all in the works. :D