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    • mzhafzah
      By mzhafzah
      I am using DMS 2 theme and I want to create a 2 different links on my website; each link should take you to a different blog post category. Although the process is easy, yet I can not figure out how to give each category page a unique design of its own; Any change I make on any page is applied to the other (I'm aware of the universal elements like the header and footer and I a am not talking about these.)
      Since I am new to wordpress in general, I am not sure if my description is sufficient; apologies if it is not.
    • vogelwild
      By vogelwild
      Hi there,
      I'd like to display the date [powerloop_date] in another (german) format, but changes via "Settings > General > Date Format" don't effect anything in the postloop-section. Date is still being displayed as "Juni 17, 2015" (language is ok but not the format I've defined in the WP settings).  How can I change this?
      Thank you!