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Greetings, I have a few questions.

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First off let me say I am loving pagelines dms and I truly believe you guys are headed in the right direction. After a week of playing with dms I have some questions just to make sure I have things configured and installed correctly.

1.) I made a child theme just the same way I would do any other theme (I'm not going to describe the process I sure you know it) mainly I want to know if anything special needed to be done

2.) I made some templates just to try it out and when I tried to apply the templates in the WordPress backend they did not always save and I would have to go to the front end and load that template on that page to get it to stick...also on the page lists the template comes up as unassigned. (this was after I set up a traditional child theme). Is this normal or a known issue.

3.) I have resized the page just playing around and I didn't notice a place that showed the width as I increased and decreased the page width. (sorry if this appears like dumb question)

4.) i have other questions concerning Dynamic theme. But will ask those on the response i get for question 1


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To answer No. 1. http://docs.pagelines.com/customize/store-child-themes  which deals with storing child themes.  You can create child themes, basically as you would have with PlatformPro or PageLines Framework.


The question of whether saving templates works seems to vary.  For example, I've created multiple templates on all my DMS sites, and have been able to load them successfully from the page editing screen in WP.  Others have not been able to do this.   I've also had scenarios where the template is applied there, but then the list defaults to "--SELECT--" but the template remained intact.  I suspect it's a browser-based issue, or a server setting.  The safest way to cope with templates is to create them, name them but add a detailed description.  Then, load it from the front end.


When you drag the right edge of an element, and you move it right or left to resize the layout, on the toolbar, just to the left of the Publish button, you'll see a little area pop-in showing the width in pixels and percent.  And that wasn't a dumb question. It was rather good, as most don't look on the toolbar.


Dynamic Theme is a 3rd party product, and thus questions about it will be answered by the developer.

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