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    • Michael Kummer
      By Michael Kummer+
      Hi guys,
      we have noticed that the Elements section is displaying incorrectly under IE11 on Windows 10. See xiting.us. The 3 sections above the footer are Elements sections and they have way too much spacing.
      Is this a known issue?
    • janpeeters
      By janpeeters
      Sorry, I got lost in trying to explain my problem properly. I deleted the contents of this post but can't delete the post itself. I'll report back if I've gotten to the bottom.
    • margie
      By margie
      I am using Quickslider for the display of one image.  How do I remove the padding or space right above the image so that it will be flush with the cnavas section above it?
      Thanks so much.
    • primetime
      By primetime+
      How do I reduce the space between my H2 headings and my paragraphs using custom LESS/CSS?  I tried finding the answers in the Wordpress forums but to no avail. 
    • AEP
      By AEP
      website:  www.macelectricco.com
      problem:  too much space between media boxes with standard settings.  please help reduce with standard settings adjusted via the menu or custom settings.