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Fatal error: Call to undefined function pl_has_editor()

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--- Sorry for posting this again, however I could not find a way to change the topic line...
Fatal error: Call to undefined function pl_has_editor() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/dms/sections/navbar/section.php on line 222
I have uploaded the new DMS through FTP to the DMS directory already. That did not make any difference. Installed version on server is 1.0.4
I grabbed the function from the editor section and put it in section.php but then then there is another undefined function. Do I have my server configured wrongly, how do I solve this?

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Please provide a URL if were going to have a chance to help. The hidden admin only support url you added in your profile is not a PageLines site at all.

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Just private message me.

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Actually looks link you are using PageLines Framework 2.4.4 with some DMS files mixed in..



So first of all...decide which framework you are going to use, then delete all the files in its folder and re-upload fresh files.

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I was under the impression that the frameworks were like themes. You can switch from one to the other?

I had developed the site in Pagelines, then DMS came out and I wanted to see if I could move on to DMS. Before I throw something old out I want to know if the new works. That's why I have both installed. Can I not have both on one site and switch back and forth?


I have renamed the DMS directory and defaulted back to Pagelines framework. I found this solution online on another forum.



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You should not rename folders to convert between DMS and Framework. You should be doing as Simon clearly stated.  Remove the files and reinstall one or the other.  DMS goes into wp-content/themes/dms  and Framework goes into wp-content/themes/pagelines. The two are not interchangeable and Framework is not a child theme for DMS.  These are two distinctly different and separate products. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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