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    • jDub
      By jDub
      Hi there,  I've been trying to add social media links (facebook, linked in, twitter and Google + to the top menu bar on my site, http://www.stjohnsmith.ca/ but have had no success at all.  I've even tried to add font-awesome icons and it just shows a blank square.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      I added a background image to a container that has a textbox in it, then added a background overlay.
      The overlay "overlaid" the textbox content as well as the container background image.
      Fixing it was simple enough: I reduced the z-index on .pl-bg-overlay to 0.
    • evscicats
      By evscicats
      I have my site registered and activated.  When I click to add any Free or Pro extensions, I get a message stating package not available.  (see attachment)

    • webbdo
      By webbdo+
      I did try a new plugin that did mix up my header and other boxes on site webbdo.com. 
      I have fixed the most but I´m not able to fix the header. It´s now follows when scrolling down. I want it to be fixed at the top... How do I enable that, have try several things but do not get it correct.
      Where do I manage those settings. I want the shadow (from footer all the way to header top) to follow all the way to the to as well..
    • 5te4
      By 5te4
      How do I change the height of the fixed section? (free version)