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    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      Maybe I'm missing something that's staring me in the face, but I can't always find the right prefix for store products (e.g. Floating Icons / Social and Hooker).
      And this particular subforum does not offer the option to select a prefix but the last time I posted here, my post was automatically (and incorrectly) prefixed with Viewer.
      Perhaps the subforums can be updated to reflect current product status?
    • jacobtippett
      By jacobtippett+
      I installed Multimenu today for the first time and am excited to get everything working.
      Once I installed it and tested the menu, I couldn't figure out how to close it once I opened the menu via the hamburger icon. I went onto the demo site and saw that I had a close icon missing for some reason.
      I've attached a picture of the issue.
      The site can be found at: beta.surgilum.com
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hey chaps
      I think I've mentioned this before but not made a dedicated topic.
      I often save sections out to remember them, which works often and well.
      I do find however about 20% of the time I fear for my life when I add a saved section to a page, and upon refresh the section appears blank, and all the linked ones are also then blank and I will need to remake the whole thing.
      There seems to be no pattern to this and I have multiple sites hosted across the board, ranging from MAMP, Heart VPS to Fasthosts shared hosting.  This error occurs on all these platforms, which at a guess I would say the database table that stores the data suddenly some how loses it.
      I would provide a screen shot/video but I have literally described the error and feel this wouldn't make anything any clearer.
      So, to summarise.
      1. I create a section, add the elements I want.
      2. Save it as 'section2' lets say.
      3. Add it to 5 more pages, all looks fine.
      4. Create a few page templates.
      5. Could be related - I then often unlink these templates that contain saved sections.
      6. Add a saved section to another page, and refresh.
      7. Viola, 'section2' is blank along with all the instances of 'section2' on my site, and needs to be recreated.
      Like I say, about a 20% occurrence, not a one off though.  
      Also worth noting when I was using Voyant child theme, after I updated it all my saved sections were wiped also.
      Any guidance or workarounds / fixes for this would be very helpful as I'm tending to avoid using these where possible now to avoid losing all my hard work.
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hi me again guys
      So dunno if it's due to using Voyant, which incidentally whenever there is a DMS update really buggers up and loses all my layouts and templates.  I'm going to have to force it to not update and anytime I edit a template that comes with the theme, as soon as I update DMS it resets.
      Really love DMS but recently been doing my head in with unreliability of saved sections, templates etc.  My saved sections work fine 5/6 times, but eventually if I place, then unlock, place, unlock, the content will just vanish and I'll have to go and remake another one.  
      Plugins all disabled and this has occurred on all my installs on different hosting platforms, wordpress installs, etc.
      Really gutted as I'm going to have to start looking at a more reliable system, my clients have noticed this behaviour and blame me for it too which I don't have time to keep giving to remake lost saved sections etc.
      Thanks for your hlep
    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      I just noticed that blog posts use <h2> for the post title. Custom post type posts also default to <h2>.
      I checked the source code on a number of posts and couldn't find any evidence of an <h1> tag.
      Just to see what would happen, I enabled Legacy mode, checked the source code, and saw that blog post titles and custom post type post titles were both wrapped in <h1> tags.
      What's the deal with this?