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how to add widget area to DMS

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I've got a site I want a custom header image on.


whats the best way to do that? I look in my available sections and nothing really jumps out at me.


I'd use a widget but I don't see that either. 


so my question is 2 parts.


whats the best way to add a header image up there.


how do you add widget areas to pages?



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Widget areas are added with Widgetizer or Columnizer.  Widgetizer is for vertical placement, such as a sidebar, while Columnizer is meant for an area like the footer.  If you need two or three columns, without widgets, but for the addition of other sections such as MediaBox,  TextArea or others, you can use the 2 or 3 Column section, which pre-builds a responsive grid for you, that is adjustable.


You would find all this information in our docs at http://docs.pagelines.com.

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