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Nav-Section takes the wrong Menu

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Hi there!


Is there a way to set more than one mobile menu (by defining custom menus)? Or does DMS always refere to the menu defined in the Global Options (Primary Nav Menu)?


My Problem is:


On a client-website I've placed a nav-section on the top of one special page. The section is only visible on screens under 481px (via CSS) and I've defined a custom menu in the WP Dashboard for the nav-section. I've chosen the correct menu (in the options of this section), but when I visit the website with a display unter 767px (DMS css @media (max-width: 767px)), the menu shows up all the pages of the entire website in the menu. When I expand the website to over 767px, DMS shows the correct menu items from the custom menu.


Maybe I could solve the problem by setting this special custom menu in the DMS Global Options as the default pimary nav menu. But for me that would not be a solution, because I need more custom mobile menus.


I hope you can help me with that.


Thank you very much!



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Hello again,


I just solved my problem by using uber menu.


But it would be interesting how to set up several mobil menus via DMS.


Happy evening :-)


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Thanks Petra for informing us the issue has been resolved and for the suggestion.

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