Sections greyed out - can't insert "post/page pagination", "posts info" and "404 error"

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i have dms pro, but i can't add/instert the sections "post/page pagination", "posts info" or "404 error" because it's greyed out

does anyone have an idea why and how to resolve this?


thank you already for your help and answers



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Hi Elia, The reason as to why those sections are greyed out and you can't use them is because those section will not work on the page/template you're currently viewing. For example, Posts Info section will only work when viewing one of your Posts. The 404 section is only usable when on a 404 page. The Post/Page pagination section works on your Blog page, Archive page etc.. It will not work on static pages. However, if you use the tag, pagination will automatically display within the Content/Loop section.

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Hi Ninja

Thanx for the quick answer! Ok, I get it now and I should have known it...

Nevertheless thank you!



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No problem.

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I cant even add paginations to my single blog post - it s a post that is selected as Gallery, will pagination not work with this post type?


"The Post/Page pagination section works on your Blog page, Archive page etc.. It will not work on static pages. However, if you use the tag, pagination will automatically display within the Content/Loop section."


.. sorry I'm being slow here, can you explain 'use the tag' - what tag, where'd I add it and what format should it take?




many thanks,

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Hi @lazlo 


Could you create your own forum topic for this please?

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why create own topic. that was on topic, and the answer I needed. Now I have to go search again. On topic posts... should be in the same location so other users are not sent on a wild goose chase. This is the problem with forums. 



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The topic has been resolved. Therefore, if the answer provided is not resolving the users issue, then the issue is different. Also, the topic creator will receive an email when there has been a reply. I am sure the topic creator will not like this when the topic has already been resolved.


If a section is grey out, then you can not use that section on the page you're on. Pagination only works on archive pages such as blog, archive etc.. it will not work on single posts. If you have a large post and have used the more tag then the pagination will automatically be added.

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