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Make Hero Nav Full Width?

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Hello! I just bought hero nav. I was mistakenly thinking it had a default option to make it full width. Looks like not. Can you give me a work around? Is there a simple way to accomplish this?


Thank you for your time!'



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Greetings jennajonesdesign,


To answer this I need to know what version of pagelines you're running.  Are you using DMS or PageLines Framework 2.x?

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dms pro

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With DMS, sections are explicitly defined as full-width or not.  Hero Nav is not a full-width section, but you may be able to achieve a full-width display with a little custom CSS, that is if your site layout is not 'boxed' (this is not the default though, so unless you changed it to this then it should be set for full width sections).


So in this case, you have Hero Nav inside a DMS section area.  The area has an inner content div that is limiting Hero Nav from displaying being full-width.  To do this, we need to remove the max-width from this area (you may want to keep HN in it's own area here as everything else in the area may not look right full-width.


We need to get the html ID from the containing area for our custom css.  Open up chrome developer tools and inspect the area to get the id.


target the .pl-content div, and disable the max-width constraint:




#pl_areaac2c9a .pl-content {
max-width: none;

Simply change "#pl_areaac2c9a" to your area's unique html id, and you're all set!




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