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The Big Picture, Please.

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I've been laying back, waiting for the smoke to clear from the launch of DMS, hoping that things would become clearer as to what, exactly, has happened. And still, I am no clearer than in July. 


To the moderators in this forum, please don't take this as any sort of a slam on the company or anyone personally. I am just extremely confused as to what, exactly, the previous Pagelines customers are supposed to do right now. 


Are we supposed to upgrade to DMS? 


If so, what exactly are the steps involved? 


If so, will DMS continue to work within the WordPress integration we were used to using? 


If so, what happens to the pricing? I was paying for the developer edition and right now have no idea what I should be paying going forward. 


If so, I take it that something has happened to the store, but it's really not clear exactly what. 


Here is what I am looking for: a very, very simple explanation of exactly what existing Pagelines customers should do right now. I mean written for the person who's not following every twist and turn in the story here, but just likes the product, has paid for the service, and wants to know exactly what they need to do. 


Again, please don't take this as a slam. It's just that, as someone on the outside, this is all very confusing and I really think there needs to be one simple, simple explanation of what we should do. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Hi gideonro - Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business and please accept my apologies for any confusion.


You do not have to change to DMS right away or at all for the time being. Framework is still supported. DMS is another system entirely and not a direct upgrade of the PageLines Framework or any other previous PageLines product.

As of July 24th, active PageLines PLUS Professional subscriptions have been Grandfathered into DMS Business Subscriptions. As a result, you do already have a licensed edition of DMS and activation keys for multiple sites. You still get the same great support you had with your PLUS subscription provided by the forum support team. The DMS Pro forum is available for folks with paid subscriptions, yourself included.

At the moment, the store within Framework is not available so you may be wondering where the existing sections and plugins are available. All your existing purchases can be downloaded from http://pagelines.com/launchpad and all the free sections for Framework can be downloaded from here http://launchpad.pagelines.com/api/store_free. You can then install all the sections in the Framework using FTP or by navigating to your Dashboard > store > sections and then 'upload' http://d.pr/i/tEzz

If there are PLUS extensions that you need access to and cannot locate, please email [email protected] and request that they be emailed directly to you. Those can be installed as plugins in WordPress.

In order to use your DMS software (should you want to try it out) you can download the latest version by logging into http://pagelines.com/my-account. Here you can also find the activation key required to unlock the Pro Features of DMS. In order to get started with DMS you can find the documentation here http://docs.pagelines.com/

Please let us know if we can clarify anything further. In addition, you can always reach out to us to discuss account or billing related questions at [email protected]

Have you searched the forums yet or checked out the DMS user docs?

PageLines geek, blogging at MyUntangledLife.com

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Thanks Jake. That helps frame things a bit better. I highly recommend that you take what you said above, maybe add a little bit more general context and put it in some sort of FAQ. I can't be the only one who's confused about this. I think it would really help. Maybe a blog post? 


Thanks again. I'm converting one of my sites over right now, and man, it's pretty different from the old way of doing things. I've pretty well messed up my site and am working furiously to fix it now. 

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@gideonro  I'm sorry to read that you've messed up your site while using DMS.  Surprisingly, it's much easier to do than most people think, but anything new can be surprising and often bewildering.  The latter is more true when one is strongly skilled at an older, established method.


In truth, some folks in this forum have, in less than an hour, managed to duplicate complex sites or, upgrade.  I've converted a complex, large site with more than 20 templates in under 90 minutes.  I used the docs at http://docs.pagelines.com as my guide, and discovered innovative ways to accomplish my tasks.

Yes, I too messed things up at first, but surprisingly, it was pretty easy to do, and I found that writing CSS, never my strong suit, was easy, particularly with help from http://www.w3schools.com/css/


My advice is a cold glass of water, some deep breaths, a good night sleep, the docs, and opening links like the one above in other browser tabs. You'll ultimately learn to love DMS as an incredible tool!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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