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iboxes - customize, color, size and text

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Currently the iboxes default to the base text color (icon), and the global base color then invert on hover and have the animation.  


I would like to know how to change all the formatting for the iboxes and have looked at the Pagelines site but I'm not a coder and couldn't follow (not yet at least).  I would like to know how to make the icons more like the ones on the PL homepage.




change size and color of icon (but not text) - normal, hover and link color

change size, radius, and color(opacity) of background - normal, hover and link

change color of text or leave it system

change the animation style (what animations are available in pagelines?)


Icing on the cake would be how to make the icon background transparent except for a border (open circle)


Is there documentation on this somewhere and I can't find it?  Also in the documents it talks about ... "the PageLines Customize Plugin, you'll need to navigate to PageLines DMS Toolbar → Store → Plugins → Free. Click on the PageLines CustomIze icon. You will now be presented with the product's overview; from here click the Install button. "  Is that for DMS or an older version of PL?



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Hi,  the modifications to iBoxes you're seeking are all CSS based and can be achieved by custom code.  An inspection tool such as Firebug for Firefox or Chrome's Inspection Tool would help you identify the elements, test them and then copy/paste the proper code to Custom Code.


You don't need the Customize plugin for this purpose.  It's strictly all CSS and best entered into the database via the Custom Code section.  This reduces the amount of time your load will take, too. The Animation is tough to change.  However, you may want to take a look at this:  http://www.pagelines.com/shop/sections/better-iboxes/


Our docs, by the way, are located at http://docs.pagelines.com

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