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Mobile specific homepage for Pagelines Framework 2.4.4

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I'm currently optimizing CaseStudyNetwork.com for mobile, and rather than rely on the mobile version of the homepage (that cuts off slider overlays, and resizes the slider to something too small for the impact I'd like it to have), I'd prefer to redirect visitors to a mobile specific version of the homepage I designed (visible here: http://casestudynetwork.com/mobile).


Is there a best practice or a way to redirect the homepage on mobile devices to the mobile homepage through any of the stylesheets, or through PHP? I'm not a PHP expert, and any suggestions would help.


I've also tried the developer version of PluginBuddy Mobile, which has been failing to work with Pagelines Framework. Their tech support has been of no help, so I'd rather see if there is a better option.




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projones22    0

Nevermind. Feel free to close this. Found a plugin that did the job for me. Thanks....

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Rob    547

Okay.  Thanks for letting us know.

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