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Changing "read more" and "tagged with".

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Thank you for reading this.



This is my website site and it's in Japanese.




When I post a blog post, I see some English needs to be changed.

I would like to change following to Japanese. Could you tell me how?

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Also, how can I change "Read more..." to something else.


Are there any plugins?

I'm not really familiar with coding at all.


Thank you for your help!

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If you have a child theme activated for DMS,  FTP to your site, go to wp-content/themes/dms/sections/postloop and download the section.  Copy it up to the child theme's sections folder.


Open the folder and edit section.php.  Search for the words read more.  Edit them as desired and save the file to the child theme's sections folder > postloop (where you edited from). '


That's how it's done. 

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